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Sports attractions

Sports attractions

To make our guests take full advantage of our values which can boast of the Lipa Peninsula we organize a lot of sports attractions.

Our specialties include: nordic walking, cycling and widely understood sport. Therefore, we invite you to use our bike offers, nordic walking sticks and sports equipment.

Natural condition are favorable for active recreation and created by us sports facilities. for example playing fields. We also offer social games and sports animations. In addition in the main season tourists can benefit from horseback riding.

Sports equipment rental

Desiring to enhance as much as possible your active recreation on the fresh air we have the bike rental, nordic walking sticks and sports equipment.

One of our specialties are bikes. We offer a wide range of mountain bikes with picturesque cycle routes with many attractions like the restaurant or the playground. If you want to benefit fully of the beautiful, Kashubian nature and enjoy the scenic views, which the Lipa Peninsula is famous, we offer NORDIC WALKING hiking. This discipline has become increasingly popular and here you will find ideal conditions for practicing. We have high quality equipment, and also the professional instructor, who will show you natural attraction in the area after a short warm-up.

To meet an expectations of our guests, we also hire high quality sports equipment. We offer wild range of balls and rackets. For our guests renting this type of equipment is free of charge.

Sports pitches

The Lipa Peninsula is a place which fosters physical activity, not only because of its natural values but also due to sports facilities found there.

Realizing how much sport is popular among our guests, especially team games we offer a volleyball court, a field for street ball ( a half of the basketball court) and mini football.

Horse riding

Our offer contains also horse riding both for children and adults. Either advanced and beginner riders can find something for themselves. This attraction is available in July and August ( the main season). Horse riding, in such a beautiful place like the Lipa Peninsula, is a wonderful offer.

Sports animations

July and August are months when we invite our guests for attractive and free sports animations.

We offer a wide choice of activities like:

  • swimming lessons for children
  • outdoor aerobics
  • guided bicycle tours
  • nordic walking hiking with the instructor
  • volleyball and football matches

Social games

In our sailing bar tourists can find a lot of attractions. Thanks to that the Lipa Peninsula provides excellent entertainment not only for sunny days but also for rainy ones.

Our specialties include social games. You can find in our offer:

  • billiards
  • air hockey
  • table football
  • table tennis