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About us

About us

The Lipa Peninsula is a beautiful place located in Kashubian region on the West bank of Lake Wdzydzkie on the area of the Wdzydzkie Landscape Park

Natural values

The lake is about 1400 hectares big and its deepest place has 68metres depth. Sometimes it is also called The Kashubian Sea or The Big Water. It is one of the biggest lakes in Pomerania province and is a great attraction for sailing lovers. It is cross shaped, and is made of 4 lakes-Jelenie, Radolne, Gołuńskie and Wdzydzkie. There are many kinds of fish, such as our unique lake trout, also called wdzydzka, which is an endemic species existing in natural conditions only in Lake Wdzydzkie. There are also many endangered animals and birds under protection. The most valuable is the long beak sawyer nesting on the banks of islands and in bays of Lake Wdzydzkie. It is a species seriously threatened with extinction. Beavers are also very important elements of fauna. Their lodges can be seen on the headland of Lipa Peninsula, and while keeping silence we can admire these beautiful animals in the evening time when they swim along the banks.


Beautiful pine forests, located nearby, are full of forest fleece. They are great for hiking, nordic walking and recreational cycling. Tourists can find here a lot picturesque walking  and bicycling trails. In the lake, which is surrounding the peninsula, we can go swimming, fishing and do water sports like sailing, windsurfing or canoeing.

The tourist centre

Objects on The Lipa Peninsula are located in picturesque landscape and the values of this place are fully used.

First of all we have provided our guests with comfortable conditions of stay. To meet your expectations we offer stay in the wooden cottages and mobile homes and a very attractive camping site.

Our tourist centre is not only a place which provides you with great accommodation, but also with nourishments. We offer delicious cuisines, nice atmosphere and professional service in our summer and winter bars and the fireplace room. Our place is great for business meetings and friends or family parties. We organize wedding receptions, trainings, team building meetings and many more events.

Many attractions await our guests: the beach and the harbor, paintball and many other kinds of entertainment such as sports animations. Concerts, regattas and lots of other events are organized to make your stay nicer and more pleasurable.

The Lipa Peninsula - we satisfy your every need!