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The regulations of camping on Lipa Peninsula

The staying on the camping site is equivalent to knowledge and acceptance of the following terms.

1. Registration and fees

·         The front desk is open every day from 9 am to 7pm. If the opening hours are being changed, information will be available at the reception.

·         It is a must to execute registration formalities at the reception immediately after arrival at the camping site.

·         Fee per stay is payable on arrival.

·         We are returning cash for unused meals.

·         Received receipt or an identification number, which entitle you to stay at the camping, must be kept in case of control throughout the whole stay.

2. The time of residence
The hotel day starts at 3pm upon arrival and ends at 11am in the day of departure. At the camping site it starts at 3pm and ends at 12pm. Tourists, who are finishing their holiday, are kindly asked to check out at the given time.

3. The main gates of the camping
Between 10pm and 7am the main entrance gate is closed. Entry and exit during that time is possible only after the phone contact with the watchman. The phone number to the watchman is available at the reception or at the entrance gate.

4. Lights out period and disturbing the peace
It is forbidden to play music loudly at the camping site. Please do not disturb the peace of other guests. Light out period starts a 10pm and ends at 8am. Disturbing the peace, being vulgar toward others or not applying to the staff instructions may result in removal from the campsite without returning the rest of the money.

5. The presence of guests
Visitors and guests can stay at the camping site, if it was reported at the front desk. Right after arrival guests are required to announce their presence at the reception, pay appropriate fees and then follow the camp rules. People who are not checked in cannot stay at the camping after 10pm. It is not allowed to let guests in with your own card.

6. Pets stay
You can take your pets to our campsite if you follow according rules.

·         The owners of the dogs have to walk their pets on a leash.

·         The owners have to clean up after their pets.

·         The owners have to possess a current vaccination card of their pet.

·         It is not allowed to take dogs to the swimming area, to the bar or canteen

·         The owners must have appropriate bed for their pets. It is forbidden for them to sleep on couches or beds provided by the campsite.

7. Interference with nature
It is forbidden to cut branches willfully, dig pits, build identifying sites or aerials or place hanging ropes. It is prohibited to place outdoors showers or dishwashing areas.

8. Tidiness at the camping
The tourists are kindly asked to keep their place and the whole area of the Lipa Peninsula clean. You cannot throw your garbage in the places which are not designated for that purpose, especially near places intended for fishing or on the beach and shores of the lake because it causes lake pollution.

9. Bonfires, grills
Due to the risk of fire you can make bonfires only at the designated place near the bar. You are allowed to use your tourist grills. Please do not use them at the terraces of your cottages because of the risk of fire and possible damage that can be caused to the terraces. Please dispose used charcoal from grill to the designated containers or in a place for bonfire.

10. Vehicles at the campsite
There is a intended space for only one car for every cottage, mobile home and yacht. The other vehicles must be left in the parking lot. Drivers circulating the campsite must be particularly careful. At the campsite there is a speed limit to 10 km per hour. Please, limit vehicle mobility
 to a minimum. It is not allowed to wash your vehicles at the campsite. The parking lot is not guarded.

11. Gainful activity at the campsite
At the campsite it is forbidden to perform  any gainful activities without the permission of the owner of the campsite. It is strictly prohibited to rent mobile homes, yachts, campers to other people or lend them to obtain a financial benefit. Violation of this rule results in the immediate expulsion from the camping.

12. Responsibility for children staying at the campsite
Children should stay under the supervision of their parents or people who are directly responsible for them. Children are allowed to use equipment, playground and other services at the campsite only under supervision provided by the adult. The camping refuses any responsibility under this head.

13. Guests responsibility for damages.
The guests of the camping bear liability for all damage or destruction of equipment or technical devices resulting from their fault or the fault of their visitors.

14. Responsible for the things left behind.
The camping does not bear any responsibility for valuables left in the mobile homes, campers, yachts, tents and cottages or for any damage or theft of a mobile home, a camper, a yacht, a car, a tent or other goods or any other accessories brought by guests to the campsite.

15. Responsibility for incomplete use of the stay offer

The Lipa Peninsula, in accordance with Article 471 of the Civil Code, is not financially responsible in the form of a discount for the stay if the improper performance of the contract is a consequence of circumstances for which the Lipa Peninsula is not responsible. These circumstances include, among others, sudden illnesses of the staff, severe weather conditions, power and internet outages caused by storms, wind or technical interruptions of the operator or other situations beyond our control. The schedule of activities and the availability of attractions are informative and do not constitute an offer within the meaning of the Civil Code.

16. Refusal of entry to the campsite
Staff reserves the right to ban the entry for people who are under influence of alcohol or behave inappropriately. Staff can also remove those who do not respect the above rules. The campsite can refuse to accept those of previous guests who grossly violated the rules of the campsite. Those who caused damage to the property of the campsite, visitors, personal injury to a guest, an employee of the campsite and other people staying at the campsite or otherwise interfere with a peaceful stay of other guests and function of this place can be banned from the campsite. Staff reserves the right to refuse entry without giving a reason.

17. A rule violation
Violation of our Rules of Procedure and norms of tourism behavior is subjected to the front desk employee evaluation and may deprive the tourists the possibility of further staying at the camping without the possibility of money refund.

18. Responsibilities of leaving tourists

·         check out from the cottage or campsite in a specified time (point 2) and during the front desk opening hours

·         leave the key/ the residence card/ the identification number and the entrance card

·         leave the cottage and its surroundings, and the camping place clean

Thank you for your cooperation and have a great holiday.